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Fin Wallet For Sei
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Fin Wallet Extension is live now!

We are excited to announce that Fin Wallet, the first native crypto wallet for Sei Network, is now live on Chrome Extension. With this release, we aim to provide Seilors with an even better experience on the Sei testnet and be ready for the upcoming mainnet launch. Download Fin Wallet Extension and start Sei exploration today:
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Fin Wallet For Sei
Published May 31 2023
3 min read

A wallet for the fastest access to Sei Network  

Accompanying the growth of Sei Network, Fin Wallet presents the first native Sei wallet, playing a key role in connecting users and giving them the fastest and easiest way to experience this blooming ecosystem.

Sei Network is the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, achieving noteworthy milestones and impressive results with more than 100 million Atlantic 2 transactions, all while having over 5.5 million unique wallets ranging from gaming, NFT, and DeFi.

On top of that, it grants increasing recognition and adoption for Sei Network, setting the stage for even greater growth and momentum in the future. As the platform continues to evolve, it clears a path for enabling the mass adoption of crypto assets and attracting millions of users.

Simple Sei for Everyone   

Fin Wallet now introduces the Extension version on Chrome. It offers a convenient and seamless way for Seilors to access this blockchain L1 currently for trading, managing, and leveraging users’ crypto assets.

Store & Manage crypto assets at your fingertips

Fin Wallet facilitates all the features for users to store their crypto assets, track their portfolio performance, and conduct transactions with ease and efficiency.

It streamlines the management of users' crypto assets with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, allowing for secure storage and seamless portfolio tracking. Additionally, Fin Wallet enables users to transfer their crypto assets quickly and easily with low transaction fees and instant processing time.

Moreover, users can easily manage all their tokens' balances on Sei Network via the "Custom Token" feature. This feature enables users to access every asset on the platform and customize their token holdings according to their preferences. To bring users the best experience as the fastest Sei wallet, Fin Wallet also plans to support users by displaying all canonical tokens' balances as soon as users send them into Fin Wallet.

A friendly NFT home on Sei 

Fin Wallet has developed an NFT section that serves as a dedicated hub for users to manage their NFT collections. 

It offers a comprehensive zone for NFT management, providing users with an intuitive display function for showcasing their digital art and collectibles on Sei Network. With this feature, users can fully appreciate the unique characteristics of each NFT in a visually appealing way. Whether users are new to the world of NFTs or experienced collectors, Fin Wallet provides a user-friendly solution for participating in the rapidly growing NFT market with confidence.

Effortlessly browse the entire Sei ecosystem

Seilors can seamlessly access a diverse range of dApps across various sectors, such as trading, NFTs, gaming, and more, enabling them to experience the full potential of Sei Network. Thanks to the seamless connection, users to take advantage of the many potential opportunities and participate in a variety of decentralized activities speedily.

By ensuring that Fin Wallet is available everywhere on the entire Sei Network, the team is constantly working to integrate into various dApps from Testnet to Mainnet (soon), bringing Seilors' favorite dApps within reach. 

Entirely Secured with Fin Wallet

Fin Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that gives users complete control over their funds and respects their privacy. With Fin Wallet, users can rest assured that their crypto assets are stored securely and that they are the sole owner of their private keys without requiring permission from any third party.

We also provide a unique password for each user profile. This function helps protect users' crypto assets and provides an additional layer of security to safeguard against unauthorized access.

Accompany Sei Network Directly

As the role of the first native crypto wallet on Sei Network, Fin Wallet offers a robust wallet infrastructure and a dedicated support team that is always ready to assist users in keeping pace with all the developments on the Sei Network. We always welcome all feedback from everyone, value it and strive to continuously improve the product based on it, reflecting the strong commitment to user satisfaction.

Get started 

How to download a Fin Wallet.

You can download Fin Wallet here:


How to create/import wallets via Fin Wallet 

With Fin Wallet, it's incredibly simple to create/import your Sei wallets in a matter of seconds and consolidate them in one place. Users can quickly and easily generate new wallets or import their own wallets to start managing their crypto assets right away. Let’s enjoy the first native wallet to access fully to Sei Network!

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About Fin Wallet

Fin Wallet is the first native crypto wallet for Sei Network. It is the fastest and easiest way to access the Sei ecosystem. With Fin Wallet, everyone can store, send, and receive tokens; mint, manage, and collect NFTs on Sei in a secure and friendly way. 

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